Reports from our guests, fishing guides and outdoor media sound like fantasies and fairy tales. However, we are in fact the location where angler’s searching for Florida trophy bass dreams repeatedly come true.

With thousands of acres of mineral-rich waters, Bienville produces incredible numbers of Florida trophy bass, crappie and blue-gill. Anglers enjoy stellar Florida fishing from the comfort of their own boat in purchased lease lakes or escorted through our chain of lakes by one of our professional guides. All of our fishing guides are thoroughly tested prior to becoming one of a privileged few. All of our guides are the captains of 18′ to 21′ bass boats such as Ranger, Stratos, Nitro, Gambler and Triton. Our fishing guides are asked not to fish, they are to guide you through the chain of very unique lakes, assist you, locate the fish and teach with decorum.

Bienville trophy lakes are the result of years of phosphate mining, so all lakes vary in size, depth, water clarity, cover and structure. The abundance of Zo Plankton accelerates the food chain in such a way the foraging bass are in a year long state of gorging. Pan fish, or crappie, in excess of 2lbs are not uncommon and the plantation record to date on a trophy bass is a Florida Black Bass that weighed in at 15.68 lbs and was 28″ in length and 24″ in girth.

Fishing is just that “Fishing” not catching, so when guests ask us what is the best time for Florida bass fishing we tell them that typically the prime times for catching not only quantity but quality would be mid November through mid May. The most sought after time would be mid February through April. This time frame is when our Florida bass are in the phases of pre spawn, spawn and post spawn. The warmer months tend to be slower times for fishing, however, the AM bite and latter part of the day have always been productive.

For guided trips, Bienville offers AM, PM or Full day trips on 12 trophy lakes that vary in size. Our fishing guides will meet you at the main lodge following breakfast for your AM or full day trip. These fishing guides will introduce themselves and may make some lure suggestions for the day. Your day generally begins at AM safe light and will end no later than 6:00 PM. Guests may keep a limit of crappie or blue-gill and are allowed to use live bait. However, we practice catch and release on bass and we allow artificial bait only.

Can I bring my own boat?

The only way to bring your boat is to become a Lake Lease holder. We do not offer unguided fishing.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

It is recommended but we do have rod combos for rent and tackle for sale in our pro shop.

Do I need a fishing license?

Yes Florida Fishing Licenses are required and we sell those in our pro shop. We can sell any type of license you may need while at the plantation for hunting or fishing.

Can I keep any of my fish?

Bass fishing is all catch and release and you may only use artificial bait. You can use live bait for pan fish and you are allowed 25 per person.

How many guests do you put with a guide?

We place 2 guests per boat with a guide.

What are the hours for fishing?

6:00am – 5:00pm. Times out and in will vary depending on the time of year.

What would I need to tip my guide?

Tipping will be up to the guest but to give an average ½ day guides are generally tipped $50.00 and a full day guide would be $100.00. Again the amounts are totally up to the guest.

How many lakes do you have?

We have 4000 acres of water, 12 guided lakes ranging in size from 20 acres to 1400 acres.

How many fish can I expect to catch and how big?

That is a question we get asked all the time. All we can offer is that we sell fishing trips, not catching trips. You can expect an opportunity to catch limited numbers to 40+ per day. This will all depend on many factors. How efficient are you as an angler, the weather, the time of year, etc. The sizes will vary from 2lbs to our current record of 16lbs.

Rates good thru May, 30th 2018


Half Day


Per Person
  • Guide
  • non alcoholic drinks
  • Fishing begins at safe light from the Main Lodge. PM fishing begins 12:30-1PM and last until 5-6PM.
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Single Guest Fee


Added to your Half or Full Day
  • The regular half or full day guide.
  • Since we place 2 customers per guide, there will be an additional single guest fee if you choose to fish alone with your guide.
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The guide tips are not included. The suggested amount is $50.00 for a half day and $100.00 for a full day. Tipping is not required but the guides certainly appreciate it!

Rod and Reel rentals are $15.00 per day.
Equipment – Rod rentals available to include Shimmano, Abu Garcia, Lew’s, Diawa and others.
Tackle – In our pro shop we carry lures by Zoom, Blakemore, Wave Worms, Bill Lewis Rattle Traps, Cotton Cordell Lures, Smithwick Lures, Challenger Baits and Gamakatsu Hooks.
  • Sun Screen
  • Polarized Glasses
  • Bug Repellent
  • Layered Clothing
  • Camera
  • Wet Weather Gear
  • Most importantly, your hook set!
Come and go as you please.  We offer corporate and individual lake leases on two of our most popular lakes. The lakes that are available for lease is Lake Bienville, which is over 1,000 acres, and Lake Purvis, which is 230 acres. Yearly lake leases for Lake Purvis is $3,000.00 and Lake Bienville is $3,250.00 per year. Fish as often as you like in your own boat with the added value of bringing two guests with you each time you arrive. Catch and release on all bass with artificial bait only. Leaseholders can keep 50 pan fish per boat per day; refer to contract guidelines and rules. For more details we encouraged interested parties to contact the plantation regarding the “Lake Lease” program.