Falconry Experiences

Falconry is the art and science of using trained birds of prey (raptors) to hunt wild game. This partnership with wild birds of prey has been documented for thousands of years. Recent archeological findings indicate that the human-hawk partnership in falconry is as old as our domestication of dogs, horses and other animals.

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We will have a 2 person minimum for any type of falconry related event. The events that we intend to offer include the following for now:
1/2 Day of Falconry – $275.00 per person (Actual hunt time 2 – 3 Hrs)
Full Day of Falconry – $350.00 per person (Actual hunt time 4 – 6 Hrs)
Hawk Encounter – $150.00 per person (Client will get to hold the bird)
Guided Hawk Walk – $150.00 per person (Nature morning walk with released Hawks)
Guided Owl Prowl – $150.00 per person (Nature evening walk with released Owls)
Falconry One Day Workshop – $350.00 per person
International Falconry 3 Day Academy – $900.00 per person
International Falconry 2 Day Academy – $650.00 per person
Elementary School Class Show – $500.00

Recommended Clothing would be field attire with long sleeved shirts.
A registration/liability waiver and form will be required for all falconry/bird of prey related activities.

Registration Form