Reports from our guests, fishing guides and outdoor media sound like fantasies and fairy tales. However, we are in fact the location where angler’s searching for Florida trophy bass dreams repeatedly come true.

With thousands of acres of mineral-rich waters, Bienville produces incredible numbers of Florida trophy bass, crappie and bluegill. Anglers enjoy stellar Florida fishing from the comfort of their own boat in purchased lease lakes or escorted through our chain of lakes by one of our professional guides. All of our fishing guides are thoroughly tested prior to becoming one of a privileged few. All of our guides are the captains of 18′ to 21′ bass boats such as Skeeter, Ranger, Stratos, Nitro, Gambler and Triton. Our fishing guides are asked not to fish, they are to guide you through the chain of very unique lakes, assist you, locate the fish and teach with decorum.

Bienville trophy lakes are the result of years of phosphate mining, so all lakes vary in size, depth, water clarity, cover and structure. The abundance of Zo Plankton accelerates the food chain in such a way the foraging bass are in a year-long state of gorging. Panfish, or crappie, in excess of 2lbs are not uncommon and the record to date on a trophy bass is a Florida Black Bass that weighed in at 15.68 lbs and was 28″ in length and 24″ in girth.

Our trip to Bienville was absolutely perfect! Our expectations were certainly exceeded!

-Tom and Mark Yanus

We arrived to a super friendly staff at the Pro shop and after some introductions and conversation, were directed to our cabin. Our cabin was super accommodating and very well outfitted. We had all the comforts of home in an incredible natural setting. The grounds outside the cabin were perfectly manicured, the tall pines and the green grass below made for a serene setting. We had access to the lake from our cabin by simply taking a few step out the back door, which allowed us some great shoreline fishing for the evening.

The backyard grill was perfect for some enjoyable meals. We fished a full day the first day and a half day the second. We met our guide early in the morning at the Pro shop and soon were on the lake. We couldn’t say enough about how wonderful our guide was; not just as a fishing guide, but as a person as well. He made us feel easy about the entire experience. We had great conversation and shared some memorable humor! Of course we caught fish, it’s Bienville! The first day we caught 40 bass – with the biggest being close to 8 lbs. We had a bunch of 3, 4 and 5 pounders as well. What a day!

We met our guide the second day at the same time and hit the lake early. The weather was a little iffy, but we managed to put another 20 bass in the boat. Our guide kept us safe in the weather and certainly knew his way around the lake. We were always at ease as he continually put us on fish both days.

Our experience at Bienville was nothing short of spectacular; from the people to the accommodations and of course the fishing! We are already talking about our next visit to Bienville. I’m pretty certain it will be an annual trip for us!

Thank you to everyone at Bienville for the incredible memories…. and…see ya soon!

Half Day
Per Person
AM Fishing begins at safe light from the Main Lodge and ends at 12PM.
PM fishing begins 1PM and lasts until 5:30PM.
Per Person
Full day of fishing starts from the main lodge at safe light and ends at 5:30 breaking between 12 and 1 for lunch. Click here to find out about meal options.
$100 + Trip cost
Added to your Half or Full Day
All guided trips are priced based on 2 guests per boat. If you would like to fish with only yourself and the guide, there will be an additional single guest fee added to your half day or full day guided trip. Half day / $375 - Full day / $425.