Veritas Training Academy Gun fighter 101 at
Bienville Plantation
Don’t be a victim
Know How to Defend Yourself!

Topics include: Firearm safety – Drawing from a holster – Multiple targets – moving and shooting – Emergency and Tactical Reloads – Shooting from Cover/Concealment – Clearing Stoppages – the “Gunfighter’s” mindset – and the science behind reacting: taking action quickly and safely.

If you don’t have your carry permit this class will qualify you to apply for one!

All inclusive Two nights stay package is just $593.50 Per Person Double Occupancy
All inclusive Two nights stay package is just $714.50 Per Person Single Occupancy
What’s that include?
2-day class $350 – 50% discount if you are a returning student
2 nights double occupancy room
2 breakfasts – 2 lunches – 1 Dinner Saturday night

Campfire Comradrie Friday and Saturday Nights – Tax & Gratuity

101 Class and Meals with NO lodging is just $472.50

Call for discount code before registering if your a returning student
941-447-7089 or 941-706-2604
If you’re attending with a non-training guest – register them by clicking on add guest: only room and meals will apply for guest.

Guest are welcome to observe on range bring eye & hearing protection

LONG GUN SAFETY – MAY 3rd – 5th, 2019


Check back for additional classes and dates.

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