Alligator Hunting

For the outdoor enthusiast, trophy alligator hunting is available Alligator hunting at Bienville Plantation is an activity, which will elevate your primordial instinct to stay after the prey, no matter the conditions. After hours on the water passing up on other than trophy reptiles you finally see the red eyes in the distance of a true monster. Quietly, your guide trolls up to within mere inches of the mammoth animal. He hands you a harpoon and explains how to effectively thrust the weapon in order to be on target and true. With one powerful and swift thrust you connect and the beast retreats for the murky depths, the fight has now begun.

Our hunts are conducted from March – November when the Alligator is more active. Hunts can last anywhere from one hour to eight hours. This will depend on the alligator and your accuracy. We offer day or night hunts, with numerous options to harvest your trophy alligator. The types of hunts we offer are cross bow, rod & reel, or firearm). Firearm hunts are daytime only. All trips are conducted with one of our professional guides.