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There’s just something about seeing a moving target turn to dust that is viscerally satisfying. It’s a pastime that can be enjoyed by young and old, male, and female, employing the old gun your grandfather passed down or a fancy, six-figure target gun. There is a reason that clay target sports are experiencing a growth spurt—shotgun competition is just plain fun.


Trapshooting has had a long rich history, originating from live pigeon shooting. In the 19th century, organized live bird trap shoots gained popularity, with large purses and public challenge matches attracting spectators. In 1866, glass ball targets replaced live bird competitions, followed by clay pigeons invented in 1880.

Modern trapshooting has three main categories: singles, doubles, and handicap. In singles and handicap, targets are launches from an oscillating trap in front of the shooting line. Shooters take turns shooting targets from 5 positions, with a total of 25 birds per round. Handicap shooting is done from an earned yardage marker, with distances going up to 27 yards. Trap doubles involves shooting two simultaneous targets from the 16-yard line, with a round consisting of 50 birds.


Skeet is a shooting sport invented in the 1920s to improve game shooting. It is played on a semi-circular layout with eight shooting stations. Targets come form the high-house and low-house on either side of the simi-circle. A round of skeet consist of 25 birds, with single targets and simultaneous pairs. Skeet trajectories include crossing, incoming, and going away birds.


A typical round of five-stand involves shooting five targets at all five shooting stations, requiring a box of 25 shells to complete the round. Usually, a single target is thrown from each shooting station, followed by two pairs of targets. The pairs may be thrown on-report, as a following-pair, or as a true-pair. On-report means that a second target is thrown as soon as you fire at the first target; in other words, on report of the gun. A following pair means a second target is thrown automatically a few seconds after the first. And with a true pair both targets are thrown simultaneously.

For the shooter, there are several advantages to five-stand as compared to sporting clays. As mentioned, a round takes only one box of shells, so the cost of shooting is less. And you can shoot a round of five-stand quickly, usually in only about half an hour’s time even with a full squad of five shooters. But a full squad is not required; a round of five-stand can be shot alone or with just a buddy or two.


  • Clay Sports Rounds $35.00 per round
  • Shells Call for pricing
  • Shotgun Rentals $45.00 each

    Weatherby Orion 20 Gage Over/Under